In 2005, I wrote and published «L'Histoire de la Motoneige» (Snowmobile History) in French. This book is about the history of the snowmobile from its beginnings until the year 2000. The French version, which has sold mostly in Quebec, was the first of its kind in the world. On November 14, 2012, I released Volume 1 of the English version, which will equally be the first of its kind, covering snowmobile history from its beginning until 2010. The full project in English will consist of 3 volumes of 400 pages each. Volume I covers the beginnning history to brand name Lynx. Volume II covers the brand name Mach X to Ski-doo.

I am an archivist in the field of snowmobiles and all types of vehicles that travel on snow. I have assembled an impressive collection on the subject since 1966, which has allowed me to write this uniquely informative book.

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Snowmobile history volume 1

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Snowmobile history volume 1